Friday, July 18, 2008

Wait... She's WHAT??

We got a developmental update just a few minutes ago. (wow, our agency sure does work hard.)

While Lucy is still holding steady at being the tiniest Mac at a mere 17 pounds... she's making up for it with her activity!

This is the one that's freaking me out: "she can climb out from the baby bed"


Hold on here... are we going to have to get her into a bed already? I thought we were adopting a toddler, not a full-grown monkey! Chasing this climbing cutie is going to be a full-time job! Just in the past few minutes, I've started searching for beds. Guess it's not a bad idea so I'll have somewhere to sleep if she needs some help in the snoozing department.

Other highlights: "strong personality, likes to walk around, can say mama, good in imitating people" (You should see the silly grin on my face over that mama one). And they also said that she likes to get the nannies slippers as they enter the room. If you've been to SLC, you know that they remove their shoes and put slippers on upon entry to the nursery. If you happen to be going there before we pick up Lucy, perhaps our daughter will assist you with your slipper needs.

Stay strong, Monkey Girl. We're getting closer!

P.S. Lucy's BFF Jaden (just days apart) is less than 48 hours of being united with her family. Mom Ramona always has a fantastic account of the daily activities so be sure to follow their journey.


Unknown said...

Wahoo! (on the previous post) Go Go Judge!!!

And for the bed climbing, yep we've got one too. Nearly a year ago, two weeks after Gotcha, she was in the pack n play crying cause she didn't want to go to bed without me being attached to her, and a minute later all quiet and there she comes wandering down the hallway!! She wanted out, she got out. So good luck with that ;)
She climbed UP her crib the other day when I was putting away her clothes. After we get back from vacation in August - toddler bed (and a gate on her door).
She will climb on coffee tables, the toy organizer thingy, the chairs at the table, her highchair, the kitchen stool... It's just got to be a SLC/CY thing or a Taiwan cutie thing.
I hope hope hope and pray you will have news before I get back from vacation Aug 4. I'm going to be stalking your blog from Idaho! :)

Andrea said...

Great news all the way around, my friend. Better start the "child proofing"! :)


Daria - Boutique Cafe said...

That is just such sweet news that things are moving along for you guys. I'm giggling about the whole climbing out of bed thing!! Well I'm sure it will keep you on your toes.

Not long now! Hang in there Mom, she'll be in your arms before you know it.

William's Family said...

Better rest up now while you can. She sounds like she'll have you on the run once she comes home!

Anonymous said...


my friend got a sort of net/tent thing you put over the crib for her lil "climber"! Google crib tent and you will see one...

hope you are feeling better