Monday, July 21, 2008

Imperfect 10

Top 10 reasons waiting ten months stinks...

10. Four words: Have. You. Heard. Anything.
9. Ten special holidays and birthdays have come and gone without her.
8. Giving away buckets of clothes I thought she'd actually wear.
7. Not going back east for a year because we could hear "any day" and missing my family.
6. Explaining the wait to a sensitive 4-year-old.
5. Explaining the wait to a sensitive 41-year-old.
4. Starting to forget what she felt like in my arms and the smell of her hair.
3. Living every minute of every day wondering if she's ok and wondering when...
2. My serious addiction to email, cell phone, and other families' blogs.
1. This face. This funny, sassy, sweet, loving, adorable face.


Andrea said...

10 months and you are not on meds? :) You are officially my hero! She will be home,soon. I am already looking forward to all of the wonderful Christmas pictures.

momwithfaithandhope said...

You always find the most creative ways to be honest with the community about your wait, but you do it with a sense of humor! You'll soon be posting that wonderful post of, FIRST DECREE! Hugs, Tiff

Sarah k said...

Ok.. that picture is just to perfect and cute as can be!!! I am so sorry it has taken this long ... we are going to be around 6-7 months I am afraid by time we get to Josiah... so I may email We are all behind you hon.

Sarah k.