Thursday, July 10, 2008

He's a Winner!

Jeff won round 2 of the Song Fu contest! Thanks to all of you listened and voted. I just hope he doesn't get all cocky now and stop taking out the trash. You know how those rock stars can be.

Congrats, honey! Here's to hoping we see you around the house sometime during round 3.


Andrea M said...

Wahoo! Congratulations! I hope Lucy and the boys get some fun songs to sing, none of that boring Old MacDonald stuff. I truly loved the last song. It just made me laugh.

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

YIPEEE! Congrats to Daddy! :) I am so happy for y'all! :) Hopefully he will still take out the trash! :)

blessings and hugs,
Noah's Mommy

Rebecca Lily said...

Congratulations to Jeff, and a HUGE congratulations to the whole family - things are finally moving forward!!! I am SO HAPPY & thrilled for you all!!!!!! Come home soon, Lucy!