Saturday, June 14, 2008

TL Roundup

An update on our case, a little girl needs a home and a chance to indulge while supporting adoption.

While most cases have a ten day waiting period from first decree to final ruling... we were told that we shouldn't expect a final ruling on case #1 (of 2) until after June 25—which means our "worst case" of getting logged in by July 1 is now our best case.

After that, we will hopefully be told which judge we got. Tiffanie found out this week that Gracyn's case is with the "slow" judge. I can imagine how she feels about that but we agreed it's better to know than to expect the call any day. Whatever your beliefs... throw a little extra thought, prayer, energy, etc Gracyn's way this week.

As I've written before, while I was in Taiwan, I was lucky to have met a sweet little girl with special needs. She was born December 27, 2006 and she is the most affectionate and gentle little being I've ever seen. In fact, I can't get her out of my mind. She was born with a genetic condition called Williams Syndrome that, from what I understand, will require extra care through the years. I have lots of pics and video of her because she was playing with Lucy during my visit.

While I've been struggling (big time) with finding a reason for this wait. (Coming up on 9 mos and not even logged into court), I feel like I'm supposed to help this other little girl find her forever family. And if I were busy with Lucy, maybe I wouldn't have the time or energy.

So if you or someone you know is considering a child with special needs, please inquire about her. You have my permission to give out my email address or copy any of this post. The thought that she won't be matched with a family is so hard to accept. I don't know exactly what happens when a child isn't referred by a certain age but I was under the impression that she'd be in some sort of group home. She needs a chance and I truly believe we all can help her get that chance.

To read more about this beautiful little girl, go to Heartsent and click on waiting children. Chia-Ling is at the top of the page.

And, lastly, this weekend, you can indulge and help foster kids at the same time.
From an email I got: "Participating Wendy's will donate 50 cents from every Frosty purchased on June 14 and 15 to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Their goal is to raise $1.3 million to support the Foundation and Wendy's Wonderful Kids, which funds full-time adoption recruiters to match parents with waiting children.

Since 2004, Wendy's Wonderful Kids has helped 3,500 children in Foster Care, and more than 500 of those children now have finalized adoptions."

Could this be any easier? Go do it!

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Yvonne Crawford said...

oh, I hope you hear something soon! And maybe you'll get a super fast judge for your case. Wow, I've seen some really fast ones.

Praying for you!