Monday, June 30, 2008

Thank You, Marina!

My SoCal friend and Sarah's mom has been united with her little girl! I will hold off on posting a pic of them so she can premiere the photos herself on her blog. She was able to see Lucy and took this——the most amazing photo I have ever seen of my baby girl.

In addition to the photo, a little birdie told me that they're just waiting for the birth mother's sister to sign off on the adoption (now that the guardianship has been granted), and then we're off to court.

So any shout outs to the big guy upstairs would be totally appreciated. Also, while you're talking to him——send him a little message that Gracyn needs to come home too, won't you?


Steve n Coco said...


lorabelle said...

Smile Lucy Smile,
You'll be home before you know it!!! I spoke to a little birdie myself today...
Sooo hoping for the best Jackie.

William's Family said...

What a smile on that little Lucy! How can you not want to smile back? I'm glad to know you got a status report. May things only get better - and move faster - from here on.

momwithfaithandhope said...

ADORABLE! Absolutely adorable. Made my day! Thanks Marina, and thank you Miss Lucy! Big thanks to you, Jackie for thinking of Gracyn. Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

that smile is infectious!

The family of six said...

Jackie my e-mail isn't working at the moment. I saw Lucy again today a few times. She came into the room to play with us but got upset so they took her away. She was wearing an outfit you sent her. It looked darling on her. I got some photos, but like I said, my e-mail is down. Also later, after hours, I was talking to her through the window and told her mommy is coming and I swear she gave me the biggest smile. I was holding Sarah and kind of bouncing and rocking back and forth and she started dancing with us. She was holding on to her crib railing and dancing and smiling with me. It was so so sweet. She watched every move I made after that. Also Jessica and I discussed your case again - I will e-mail you as soon as my darn e-mail works again. If not, I will try to call you. Hang in there, Lucy is too cute for words. (((HUGS)))