Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hey, Check It Out!

When I was in Taiwan, they gave me the disposable camera that I had sent back in October. I just got to getting the photos developed and this was the gem in the pack. Look, she's holding a photo of us and one of Jeff and J!

It's small things like this that keep us going.


William's Family said...


Anonymous said...

love it - so cute

Ann said...

ohhhhh, too sweet. Hang in there!!!

Tiffany said...

AHHHHHH she is just too beautiful.
Praying for some good news for you...NOW!!!! :)

lorabelle said...

That is just too sweet! She looks like she is enjoying those photo's. Thanks for sharing your process again. It made a little more sense to me. I really am sorry for your wait and I think about you and your ordeal every single day.

Yvonne Crawford said...

oh how sweet!

Anonymous said...

Too precious! Thinking of you so much.