Wednesday, April 16, 2008

She Hits Like a Ballerina

Today's the day Alex, Lucy's buddy, was united with his parents. Congratulations to the happy family! You can find them here. Alex was said to be Lucy's pal so I feel sad for our little girl that she's had to say goodbye to another one of her friends. We'll have to have a little reunion when we get her home.

Alex's Mom was so sweet to find Lucy and give me a progress report.

"We walked through the door, and all of the babies were asleep except two--and one of them was Lucy (I definitely believe in miracles)! She was going all over the place in a yellow walker. I talked to her and held her hand when she nearly ran over me. She is so beautiful.

I noticed she was wearing a white one-piece outfit with small words and pictures in different directions all over it. Right below her face in the center and right side up were the words, "a home." I thought, "Soon Lucy is going to have her home and her family." In other places, the jammies said, "Happy."

Spring, one of the nannies took her out of the walker, and she stood on her own. She walks like a little ballerina--on her toes. She is still a little unsteady. The nannies said Alex is the king of the nursery, and takes toys from everyone and makes them cry. So Lucy hits him. I think she'll be ready for her big brothers!

She started playing a little game with Spring, where she put her foot up, and Spring would pretend to try to hit it, and Lucy would move it away. She seems very playful."

She walks on her toes like one brother and hits like the other... sounds like she'll fit in just fine!


Tisra said...

What amazing glimpses into who your daughter is, as she lives life across the sea. And it will be just as amazing and miraculous and gorgeous to hear you tell of her personality first hand and after your family has had a chance to bond and she begins to pick up your traits, habits, and humors- settling into her role of daughter and sister. Soon.

Yvonne Crawford said...

That is so neat to get a little glimpse into her personality and life. I hope you hear news of a hearing, etc. soon.

Russ and Kim said...

Wow! That is so neat that Alex's Mom got to see Lucy and give you some insight into her development. She sounds so precious. I love that she walks on her toes like a ballerina. So cute! :)
I would love to talk to you about your experience so far with your agency. We are in CA as well and I just spoke with Jill yesterday regarding Taiwan adoption.
My email is

The family of six said...

Wow - that's so amazing to get all that info! She sounds really cute and funny. Are you getting ready to go? I can't wait for you to meet her yourself!