Friday, April 25, 2008

Shameless Plug

Parenting is expensive. It's the little secret no one tells you when you dream about a house full of kids. We do whatever it takes to afford the preschool, trips to see family, clothes for growing rugrats—nevermind the cost of international adoption—yikes!

I'm lucky that along with bringing home the bacon—well helping bring home a slice or two while Jeff brings home the rest of the package—I get to do what I love, which is write. So to combine the craziness of motherhood with writing is the ultimate gig...enter momlogic!

This past week has been insane with the launch of some cool new features and pages on the momlogic site. If you haven't been there—go! If you have, check it out again... I think it will be easier to navigate and simple to find what you want. Do you have a baby? toddler? preschooler? big kid? tween? teen? 18+? You get the idea...there's something for every mom...even those pregnant and trying to conceive (and as many adoption articles I can possibly fit in). Plus fashion, beauty, entertainment, giving back, and a whole lot more.

Phew... the point is, I'm working hard but know that this is nothing compared to the exhaustion of my soon-to-be three kids under 4.

I now return you to your previously scheduled program.


Tisra said...

Shameless plugs are totally approved and fine! I think it's great that you are good at what you do and able to be successful at it! And, I bet it helps (maybe only a little) with passing the time 'til Lucy comes home. Um, can you believe you'll be there to hold her in only a FEW WEEKS?!!!

Rebecca Lily said...

I will check it out Jackie!!! :)

Isn't it hard to balance work & kids as a SAHM?

I am still figuring it out...

lorabelle said...

Love the updates! Lucy and the boys are just adorable...Lucky you, will be traveling soon!!!Please hug our babies if you get the chance while visiting with Lucy...
Have a wonderful trip!