Saturday, March 1, 2008

Check it Out—Another Guest Post!

We're thinking of Lucy today as she turns 13 months old. To commemorate—a post from my friend and co-worker, Julie.

Dear Lucy,
I work with your mom at Mom•Logic and I get to hear about you every day. She has pictures of you with your brothers on her bulletin board next to her desk. I hugged her when she found out YOU would be her daughter. I helped her track down your beautiful impossible-to-find crib set on eBay. I saw her tears when she found out that your paperwork had been held up for over two months. And I see how much she and your daddy and your brothers love you so much and can't wait for you to come home. Every update, every video, and every picture of you makes your mom's face absolutely light up with joy. Your mom is so funny, so witty, so smart, and so sweet. You have one of the coolest moms I have ever met! You are a very lucky girl, and we all can't wait to meet you when Jackie and Jeff finally get to bring you home. Love, Julie

The opinions expressed by guest bloggers are not necessarily those of Jackie and Taiwan Lucy. :)

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