Friday, March 21, 2008

Bringing "Sixey" Back

You read that right. It's been SIX months since the day we first saw our little girl's face—and what a face it is. It feels like forever and no time at the same time. But isn't that parenthood for ya?

We just found out Lucy's pal, Alex, is coming home. Go on over and congratulate Deborah. She just put a post up last week marking their six month wait and days later got the word. If it worked for them...

For your visual enjoyment... a BEFORE



Rebecca Lily said...

I love seeing pictures of Lucy's little face!!! :) You have a truly beautiful little girl and my heart aches that you have had to wait 6 months to hold her in your arms! Praying that the news comes quickly.

Can I just say, I can tell from her pictures, she is just an amazing little person? So spunky and sweet at the same time!!


Amy, Ryan, Aidan and Lauren said...

Hope six months is the magic wait number for your family, too! I love the pictures, she is just the sweetest.

Judy said...

Can't get enough of that smile on her little face...
thinking of you guys.

Deborah said...

She gets more beautiful every month.
What a sweet little girl.
(But probably still spicy enough to take on big brothers).

Come home soon, Lucy!