Monday, March 3, 2008

Babies Meet the Parents!

Odin and William have officially been united with their Moms and Dads. Congratulations!

Mel, Odin's Mom, was so sweet to find Lucy and give us a report:

"Lucy is truly a peanut, but she's utterly beautiful and looked very healthy! When we were inside Craig actually picked her up and was holding her and talking to her—she was not afraid of him at all and actually when he put her down she kept pulling at his pants leg because she wanted to be picked back up. I kissed her on her forehead a couple of times and told her that was from her Mommy. I saw at least 3 teeth on the bottom when she grinned, but didn't see the top so I'm not sure if any were there. Oh, and she's a climber...tried her darndest to climb out of the pack-n-play."

"The Nannies at one point got out the surfboard crackers and started handing them out to Odin and William and it was so funny because Lucy saw them handing them out and started making this "Uh, uh uh" noise like, "I know you're coming over here with those!" It was really cute...that girl gets what she wants too, because of course they brought her one!"

Also, it sounds like Lucy is having a lot of fun with her buddy, Alex. Alex's mom has been waiting right along with us and I just know we all will hear something VERY soon.

Lastly, if you're feeling in need of good news on this Monday morning... Rebecca's got a new son to share! Amy, who makes the gorgeous "waiting" bracelets proudly announces her daughter, Mary! And Ann, a Mom who waited almost TWO YEARS for her little one, has a tear-jerking, yet hilarious, account of how it all happened.
Good news is in the air! And it's going to sweep up Sarah next... I just know it.


The family of six said...

So sweet that they gave her a kiss from you... it makes me tear up. I wish they had seen my Sarah!

Rebecca Lily said...

This must have been SUCH great news for you Jackie!!! I'm sure it was like Christmas hearing from Mel about Lucy!!!

Yes, good news is in the air - I've been praying Sarah's news comes soon.