Thursday, February 14, 2008

What Does Valentine's Day Mean to You?

Valentine's Day. Have you ever noticed that the more life you live, how different the meaning of the day becomes? When I was single and wondering if Mr. Right would ever walk through the door, Valentines Day seemed to be the most important thing in the world. I thought I must be the only person not giddy with excitement over the day. When Jeff and I were getting serious, I had such expectations of it being earth shattering and unforgettable. (of course it was, honey)

Several years and almost three kids later, Valentines Day has taken on a whole new meaning—the true meaning. It means sitting in a tiny chair at a kid's table encouraging a 3-year-old to finish writing out his valentines. It means racing out of work to squeeze in dinner with my hubby and kids before Jeff has to go to work, only to be forced to order the food take-out and actually eat it in the car in the parking lot because our 2-year-old is too cranky from not having a full nap. It means my husband emailing me from work asking if I'll be his valentine. (the answer is yes)

It means looking at life and knowing that next Valentines Day, I'll have everything I truly love. And that's worth celebrating.


Our Family said...


Very sweet and so true...the meaning and the execution change once we have a family.

I hope you're doing well and you hear something very, very soon!!!


Megan said...

Sounds a little like our V day too,except add everyone with a cold.