Sunday, February 3, 2008

An Obsession Vacation

Due to the Lunar New Year, Taiwan will pretty much close down as of Wednesday (Tuesday here) for a week to celebrate. In fact, I hear that some of the key people in our adoption will actually be off for two weeks celebrating the holiday.

In celebration of the 'out with the old, in with the new' holiday, I've decided to take the next two weeks to do a little house cleaning myself and to step back from wishing the phone to ring with big news and take the time to notice things happening around me.

So my job is to not obsess about the adoption. And your job is to not ask me if I've heard anything— because I can guarantee you I haven't.

What I noticed on Day 1 of my Lunar experiment?

My boys looked like hippies!

How did I go so long without getting their hair cut? So today's order of business was to get them cleaned up. Now that's better.

Go Patriots!


The family of six said...

Great idea Jackie - I was thinking the same thing! The boys haircuts look great! You are also supposed to sweep the house a lot and buy everyone new clothes.

I love the pink cupcakes - YUM! Glad you made it through that milestone - I was thinking of you and your whole family all day that day.

Cole said...

Just wanted you to know that we continue to think and pray of and for your family! We Can't wait for the day to see Little sweet Lucy in your arms and we know you can not either. I can tell you again, that she is one of the sweetest huggable baby girls you will ever hold in your arms! Greg and I still talk of your sweet angel and she is sure to have you all wrapped around her little pinky :) This amazingly smart and confident baby girl will be a wonderful and perfect addition to your great family and we are so excited for you guys! BTW, that look she gets on her face that looks somewhat sad in some pictures, in my opinion, is the one she makes when she is concentrating and absorbing her surroundings which she is very very intuned with! She concentrates alot! We witnessed that face several times watching her go at her surroundings, played with and held her the most during our visit. She is a happy happy, outgoing, curious, and smiling baby which you will soon fully know! We wish you the best with her transition and adjustment, and I'm sure it will go smooth with her personality. If you have any questions feel free to email me any time. OH another thing, she loved Landon and tried hard to get to him several times. She was fine with his interating with her and touching her so I bet she will love her brothers :) I know the wait is terribly hard. Getting Landon at 20 months (for our first child) about killed us, so feel free to vent or what ever you need whenever you need! Praying your family is united very very soon and knowing it isnt soon enough.

warmest wishes,
Nicole H.
lucky mom to 2 great kids from Taiwan!