Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Huge Setback

With each step forward, it seems we take two back. We were informed yesterday that all the paperwork that was being requested has indeed been submitted and is officially in the court.

Great news, right?

Well, I also discovered that what I thought was the case actually is not. I was mistaken when I thought that the judge requested said paper. What really happened was that the nursery went to have the case logged in the court and the COURT asked for the paperwork before they could even start processing. So the actual scenario is that we were NOT logged in the court in early Nov but in late Dec or even early January. That sets us back two months further than we thought.

The best case scenario we can predict is picking Lucy up in April. Jeff and I are completely devastated - I can't believe I misunderstood the situation so badly. Our daughter should be home with us for her birthday... for her first steps... but instead we have to assume we'll hear nothing for at least six weeks.


Tisra said...

I am so sorry. The only predictable thing about this process is that it can be unpredictable! That little girl should be home! I'm upset for you.

waiting for referral of our little girl
(on the FFC list 04/2007)

William's Family said...

Awwww... Well, what goes down usually comes up, so perhaps some good news will follow this? Hang in there!

- Judy K.

Cindy said...

That is discouraging - I know you want your little girl home. We'll say a prayer for you today, that your case will be reviewed soon and you will have a smooth and quick court process.


Tiffany said...

Okay miss Jackie so I'm hoping hoping, praying, praying that due to the stress of this setback you get the speedy speedy JUDGE and go in february :) Honestly this is such hard news to stomach. I'm so very sorry you have to go through this. I'll say a special prayer for you and your family tonight. Hang in there!!

JEff said...

This makes me sad! We can't wait to see the beautiful little baby girl in your arms! We're praying for a speedy process!