Sunday, December 16, 2007

Tis the Season...

to brag about your kids?

The boys are at the age where I could post something funny every day. (But I won't) On occasion, you're just going to have to deal because I can't help myself. J's honing those creative skills - he drew a pic of himself and little bro holding hands...
then realized they needed to actually have hands.

He's also got every letter in the alphabet aced... although it's funny how he draws them in order but all over the page.

Now that our house is all decorated...

we took them out last night to see Christmas lights...and made a little trip to Starbucks for their first ever cup of hot chocolate.This is B's "George Clooney look-down-but-up-through-the-eyelashes look"

Think they're a little excited for the chocolatey goodness?
One of my favorite things about B - he thinks I'm funny!

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Rebecca Lily said...

Look at those adorable boys!! You just want to hug them both! Sounds like a fun outing for hot chocolate and light-gazing - and I love your "4th/5th day of Christmas" posts, those are just cute. :)