Sunday, December 9, 2007

Happy Holidays to All!

This is my opportunity to not only wish our new blogosphere friends and fellow adoptive parents a Merry Christmas but also give a little shout out to those who read my blog from 15 countries around the world. (seriously 15!) So hello to those up north in Canada, our European (very) distant cousins across the pond, our friends to the (way) east in Taiwan and South Korea, down south in Mexico, those in the Persian Gulf, and a few down under in Australia... wishing you all the happiest of holidays.

Next year, Lucy will be home with us and the days of waiting impatiently will be a distant memory.

This is the card we sent to friends and family this year. Hopefully Santa will read J&B's list!


Tiffany said...

cAN'T WAIT FOR LUCY TO BE HOME WITH YOU! I love this card how ever did you do that? This is sooooo cute.
Wishing you a happiest of holiday's as well.

lots of love -

Rebecca Lily said...

What a sweet card!!! Merry Christmas to your family, Jackie!!!


Anonymous said...

That card is adorable.....please Santa Lucy wants to come home ASAP! Wishing you a first decree for X-Mas.
BTW I love reading your blog.

Judy said...

happy holidays to you, too

Love the card. J&B are just too cute...