Sunday, November 4, 2007

A Pleasant Surprise

When I checked my email yesterday, I saw one titled "Lucy". Of course I clicked on it right away and this is what I read...

"Jackie, I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know that Nicole was at (SLC) on Friday and did see your Lucy. She said she is very, very tiny but wicked, wicked smart. Nicole was amazed at how quick she is..she is already trying to walk. She is very alert."

She went on to say:

"...she did want you to know how well Lucy is doing, how beautiful she is, and just how smart she is. Nicole just couldn't get over it..she said she is way advanced for her age."

And we can't forget that she also said this:

"...and (Nicole) said she is so so tiny but looks healthy and seems to be way beyond her age developmentally. She said she is already trying to take off and walk and Nicole thinks that will be happening very soon...we had read on your blog she was tiny but Nicole said she is way tiny...and oh so pretty. Nicole said the workers went on and on about all the things that Lucy can do. Nicole said she is already trying to talk..not just babble, actually talk. She said she climbs in and out of her walker with no problem. She stands for a long time and tries to take steps."

The email was from "Grandma Penny". Her daughter, Nicole, is in Taiwan right now and going to meet her new daughter, Ti, in just a few hours. Once again, we're floored by the thoughtfulness of another mother who takes the time to share with others when she's in the middle of one of the biggest adventures of her life. Thank you to Grandma Penny and to Nicole. Our thoughts are with your whole family, especially Landon and his soon-to-be big sister, Ti.


Sarah said...

Wow! How sweet is that!!!

Our Family said...

You'd better be prepared!!! She really is adorable and she and Samantha already look like great friends!!!

Rebecca Lily said...

Jackie, what a GREAT update!! And so sweet that Nicole took notes for you while there for Ti. Little Miss Lucy sounds very tenacious!!! I think she will hit the ground running as soon as she is home with Mom, Dad & big brudders!! :)


The family of six said...

This is wonderful news! She sounds so special!