Tuesday, October 23, 2007

To Taiwan With Love...

We got the call at 4:30 today that our dossier and first care package are on the way to Taiwan! We are so happy to check off another thing on our list. The next call we get should be to let us know that our case has been logged into the court. We're told 3-4 weeks but we've decided that it will be less than two weeks. Way to stay positive, huh?

This morning, I woke to find more photos of Lucy in my email inbox. Steve and Judy spent another day with the babies at SLC and were so sweet to send more pics!

Check out Miss Lucy hanging out with her friends. What's amazing is that I've gotten to know the other babies' moms a little bit. I love that all our kids will be able to stay in touch with their first friends. (and probably cause a lot of trouble!)

Lucy took a nap in Steve's arms. I just love that! And Judy wrote this about it:
"Lucy fell asleep in Steve's arm and the nanny said that is very unusual since it is sometimes difficult for her to fall sleep."

Note to Miss Lucy: Work on that "difficult to sleep" thing now. We like our zzzz's around here.


Rebecca Lily said...

Oh, Jackie, no wonder you call these people angels!! Look at all these photos!!!! They are all so wonderful! You can see different aspects of little Lucy's personality - she seems very sweet but very spunky too! :) And she is too precious for words. Beautiful, just beautiful. I am so happy that you all received these updates about her and the wonderful pictures. It sounds like she is doing so well.

And congrats on the dossier completion! :) I bet the care package was fun to put together.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Lucy is gorgeous! Your note to her brought tears to my eyes. I hope you hold her soon!


Sarah said...

Wow. It's so amazing that Judy and Steve are able to hold her and play with her and take the photos for you. This is soooooo great. :)

The family of six said...

How cute is she eating that cracker?!?!? And it's so strange to see Judy and Steve holding her. sigh. I hope you can go get her home soon!!