Thursday, August 9, 2007

It's the Little Things...

It feels like we'll have to wait forever until we meet our little princess. But every passing day is one step closer to holding her in our arms. What has taken me by surprise so far has been the kindness of others. Friends and family have really responded to our plan to adopt with love and support. Nana called yesterday to tell us that she found a baby book that was created for adopted children. I know others have talked about these "Life Books" but it means so much that she thought to get it for Lucy. We've always been sure our daughter would be loved and adored by us, but knowing it will extend much more than that is truly a blessing.

Today, Big Brother J and I had a special "picnic" on the front porch. It really was time I will never forget. He's really connecting things now and we talked about how he came from Mommy's tummy. We've been reading the book "How I was Adopted" (or 'Adocted', according to him) and every time we do, he asks to go back inside my tummy. I tell him sometimes Mommy wishes you could too!

Here he is on our "picnic".

After Little Brother B woke up, we went back outside. Don't let the sweet photo fool you. I think he was waiting for me to turn away so he could knock his little brother off that swing!


The family of six said...

Thankyou for your beautiful comments on my blog. I am sorry you lost your dear mother at such a young age. What you said helps, I do think we should try to get together. My e-mail is:

Judy said...

we got the same book, too :)