Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Putting the Kid in Kindergarten

We survived! I have to admit, day one of elementary school went as smoothly as it could. After dragging the little ones up early and off to preschool so Jake could have us all to himself, we got to school in plenty of time. We were able to spend an hour or so in the classroom while the kids each pointed out who brought them to school. Jacob began his stint as class clown when he pointed to Jeff and me, clarifying that "my mom is the one with the camera."

I'm not really sure how I got from being a perpetually-single girl to married with a kindergartner overnight but here I am. Volunteering in the classroom and joining the PTA (if they'll have me after that last post)... I'm not sure I'll ever recognize my former self or life ever again.

Minus the increasing amount of wrinkles and grays, that ain't so bad.

(PS: I did not say anything to Ms. PTA Prez about the apostrophes. I figured I wanted to get to know them as me and not the annoying control freak I can sometimes morph into. Of course I hadn't considered that any of the members actually read my blog. DOH. Nice to meet you. :)