Friday, March 27, 2009

Join the Movement

When I posted about the very limited number of photos I have with my mom -- like one -- I hoped I would make a few people think and send a message to remind moms to get in the picture with their kids. Whether a child suffers a loss and wants to remember a parent holding them or just grows up and wants to look back on fond memories, as moms we tend to produce so much, we forget to co-star in the show.

Not only have I received several photos of mothers and children to post, I have read emails sharing incredible stories of happy memories, tragic loss and lots of nostalgia. It got me to thinking that I'm not ready to post the photos yet. I think this is bigger than one post... I think what we've got here could be a movement. Grab those kids and cameras, let's get everyone we know to stop and snap. I even created a button you can share on your blog to promote this. Can you imagine together how many moms we can reach and how many memories we can document, helping moms and kids everywhere remember the years that go by much too quickly.

Help me spread the word of my "Get the Picture" movement by posting the badge below on your own blog to get more moms to submit photos. Imagine the powerful collection of photos we'll have to share with the world!

PS: Don't worry, dads... you'll get your turn!


Ramona said...

Pasted - and I'll do my best to get a pic this weekend.

Papa said...

Don't forget to print those pictures and put them where they can be found years from now after the computers are recycled and soft copies are gone.

Michelle said...

ter reading this recently and dealing with what I have the past few weeks it got me thinking about what pictures I have with my kids. I realized, I am always the one taking the pictures and not in them. I know that I do that on purpose, because I don't like to see myself in pictures. What I have realized is that the pictures I take of my kids are not for me, but for them. I came to this conclusion yesterday after having dinner with my grandmother. She had a photo album out that she was going through recently and I looked at it and realized how many pictures of my grandparents there were from over the years. Being able to see pictures of my grandfather and showing Abby who he was meant a lot at that moment. Jackie...thanks for making a post about this. It made me think and realize what I need to do for my kids. The past few weeks have been extremely scary for me and this put things a bit in perspective!!!

momwithfaithandhope said...

Will post the button now and need to take more pictures!!! Thanks for the encouragement.