Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mac the Vote

The election is too close to call in our house. But the Mac kids aren't voting Obama or McCain. Today, we're teaching them how the election works by having them choose which they like better -- ice cream or pizza. Jacob, hands down -- or up, actually, since the voting was by show of hands -- chose ice cream whereas Brady was adamant pizza should win this election. Lucy surprisingly used her brand new American citizen status to support Ralph Nader. (Which would you vote for -- pizza or ice cream?)

Four years ago, Jeff and I -- living in a completely different part of Los Angeles -- strolled our baby Jacob down to the local polling place. It was the first time my vote wasn't selfishly all about me.
Now, four years later... it's about the future for all three of my children -- and even their children. (Look at me already looking for grandkids ;) Getting Lucy's American citizenship in the mail a few weeks ago was an incredibly emotional thing. We take for granted that we live in a free country with so much opportunity. I truly hope, no matter which way this history-making election goes today, that we move forward in a positive direction and create a place for our children we can all be proud of.
This morning, we continued tradition and wheeled all three kids down to our polling place -- Jake in the stroller because he's actually under the weather, poor kid -- and showed them how empowering it can be to make your vote count. So if you haven't voted, stop reading blogs and GO!

And if you're in the voting mood, vote for Alex's photo in the Adoptive Families photo contest!

Alexsei, 2, Russia


Unknown said...

I know CA is casual and all...but it looks like you're voting out of someone's garage! lol

And, yep, I voted too ;)
pass it on

Ramona said...

I was about to give up voting when I saw how you transported your tribe. Gotta get the wagon ready to go!

Congrats on Lucy's American citizenship! J's IR3 was revoked (mistakenly given 3 instead of 4) so she's still an alien (no pun intended). Went ahead and started readopt just to make sure nobody can confiscate our little T-Wonst.

JackieMacD said...

Andrea, it IS a garage! CA actually has volunteers who clean up their garages for polling. I was surprised when I moved from Massachusetts and my sister found it funny, too, when she saw the post this am.

Ramona, I can't believe they revoked it. T-Wonst is a CA girl ferrr sherr.

Anonymous said...

I was surprised to see it out of a garage also. Everyone in my family voted! Just keeping my fingers crossed and praying now...

Anonymous said...

You are so clever with your camera...I took both my kids with me as well, 4 year old and 7 month old, but didn't think to take my camera. Congrats on your little girl!! I have enjoyed reading your blog as I am new to the blogging world!

Amy, Ryan, Aidan and Lauren said...

Great post. And also, Lauren has that same coat that Lucy's wearing! :-)