Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Broke Another Mom Rule

If you have two kids, have you ever done THIS?


Tamara said...

that is my house. I MUST buy 2 of everything (socks, underwear) - yep - everything!

lorabelle said...

Been there and done that!!!
The boys are now starting to enjoy their individuality. Their ages are 5 and almost 8.

momwithfaithandhope said...

Well, I bought me and Gracyn matching girly PJ's and guess who wanted to be at triplet? Yep, Peyt. . .I have now learned to break this rule frequently. But only for things like corn dogs, and toys (balls, bubbles, you name it!) LOL, Tiff

Room for More said...

Oh YES!! When the boys were your boys' size I did it A-L-L the time!


Anonymous said...

I'm really bad. I don't even have two kids, just one and a dog and I've dressed them alike...granted I do it every Halloween but I think it's fun and cute! ;)

Rebecca Lily said...


Yes, I have done it sometimes... to keep the peace. :)

Unknown said...

No, since I have a boy and a girl :)

But yahoo! I finally got the correct feed for the blog (it had previously been telling me I was still on Taiwan Lucy website even though I see the address isn't Taiwan Lucy now!)

Maci Miller said...

Nope. Haven't done it yet but that is only because we don't 2 daughters yet. (We are going to start the process over for another girl as soon as we get Ruby home). But I have to confess, Jackie. I am corny at heart and love a theme. Don't think I will be able to resist adorable matching dresses once in awhile!!

ps -I LOVE the answer from Mom to the king! LOL!!!