Saturday, August 9, 2008

How Hip Am I?

I've been checking out all the baby carrier options out there for carrying Lucy around Taiwan. I don't want to buy one with only the ability to face out and I'm not ready to carry her around on my back and not be able to see her and connect. We checked out the Ergo, which is excellent, but we already have a something similar that straps on the back for down the road. I wanted something to promote bonding, allow me to carry her on my hip and also give me hands free--to do things like make bottles, upload photos or (if I'm really honest with myself) sign credit card slips. Come on, you think I'm not going to buy anything while we're in Taiwan??

We went to Babies R Us today and bought lots of the needed toddler stuff AND we stopped by the local furniture store and found a bed for her room! For those of you who think "bed" means crib... I'm not THAT bad. We've had a crib in there for months but she climbs out and I want to be sure we have a bed to move into (in case) as well as a place for me to sleep, if necessary.

Anyway, while we were there, we came across the Playtex Hip Hammock. It's nothing fancy and reasonably priced. I actually figured I'd be bringing it back once we got it home and tested it. But hey, look at that! It's relatively comfortable and, while it says up to 35 lbs, I put a 44 pound 4-year-old in it. (He was actually pretty bummed to get out.) So I think we'll be just fine around town with a 17 pound peanut strapped in.


Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

I had wondered about the hip hammock :) I may have to get one later :) I have a sleepy wrap! :) Sleepy gave us a promotional one! Bobby has to take pictures of me wearing Noah around Taiwan and they will use them in there ads! EEK for the me part of that :) But neat for the free Sleepy wrap :) I am so excited! :) Can't wait to see LUCY in your hip hammock :)


Erica Kain said...

I just did the same thing with my massive almost-3-year-old. I put her in the Ergo carrier and hauled her around. To my relief, she asked to be put down after about 5 minutes... another of the baby's thing she won't beg for!

I just found your blog while I was surfing around and I love it! I have a blogging pal (Karen Road Chronicles) waiting for her daughter Ellen from Taiwan, and I loved the song so much I posted it on my blog!

Good luck you guys -- hope she's in that carrier soon.