Sunday, May 11, 2008

The End...

My trip may be over but it's just the beginning of a new chapter. Here's the final part of my video diary. You've been warned... I don't exactly keep it together.

I'll write more soon about my trip but for today, I need to take in all that I've been through over the past week and enjoy the two kids I have here at home. Thanks for all the love and support through this journey and Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing Moms and waiting Moms out there. XOXO


Lynn said...

Big hugs to you!

Tisra said...

Happy Mother's Day to you, Mommy of Three!

Tiffany said...

Jackie - Happy Mother's Day! I've cried more this week with you than I think I did our entire journey. We love ya and are thinking of you constantly. Sophia kissed the monitor when she saw Lucy - LOL. So glad you got this special time with Lucy and we truly hope it is not long now until you are able to bring her home to meet her daddy and brothers!

Yvonne Crawford said...

Wow, and I thought I could not cry anymore. I shed many a tear over your blog and video diary this last week.

Praying for you all.


momwithfaithandhope said...

My heart goes out to you sweetie! You did amazingly well in saying goodbye. Being strong for Lucy. She will be back in your arms before you know it.
Hang in there and enjoy those beautiful boys.
Happy Mother's Day to you.

Sarah said...

Sob sob sob...

Anonymous said...

I didn't do a very good job of holding it together either.:-( My heart breaks for you and Lucy, but I know you will be back soon. I can't wait until Lucy is home. You are incredible!!!!

Ken, Viv, Hailey and Tyler said...

I'm pregnant with my first daughter, and it's amazing what you are going through for Lucy!
She will love and appreciate you forever!
Hang in there, and your baby girl will be home soon!


Our Family said...

We have all been following your journey and you are in our thoughts and prayers. Hopefully your time to pick up Lucy will come soon and all of this waiting will be a distant memory. You are very strong and I think you kept it together amazingly well considering! I hope your mother's day with your adorable boys was happy! Love, Lori

Unknown said...

I am crying after seeing your final part of the video. My heart breaks for you. Leaving had to be the hardest thing in the world.
I think Lucy bonded well with you and when you go back the light on her face when she sees her mommy again will help make all this pain a distant memory.
I hope you had a good mother's day with your boys and soon with your little girl as well.

The family of six said...

Jackie - thanks again for all the pictures of Lucy. I hope the rest of the wait is very short.

Single Mom Seeking said...

Completely in tears over here... Found you through Mom Logic.

You're such an open, loving, present mother. Wow. I can't wait to hear more about your family when Lucy comes home.