Sunday, April 13, 2008

What's Best for Lucy?

As I've mentioned, I'm planning to head to Taiwan on 5/5 to see Lucy—unless, of course, we get news of a decree first then I'll wait and Jeff and I will go together.
It was mentioned to me that maybe I could take her for a few days to the hotel and spend it with her there. That sounds amazing!

But then, it immediately terrifies me. What is the best for her—my visiting SLC 8 hours a day for three days or taking her for three days to the hotel?
I want to be with her so badly, I can't even describe it...but I'm afraid I could be messing her up if I take her away from what she knows only to bring her back.

What's best for my baby girl?

UPDATE 4/15: SLC does not, in fact, want me to take her to the hotel afterall. But I am told I can visit all day. So that's what I'll do!


Unknown said...

As impossible as it might be, I'd just visit at SLC. It gives her a chance to get to know you gradually and build trust since she is older. We met our dd (then 15mths from CY) and left immediately to go to take care of the household registration with her, then came back to CY to go over her schedule. She was hysterical to be back there and seeing all her nannies again. She finally cried herself to sleep in my arms before we left. If we had been able to just not come back, she would have done a lot better. Since you won't be able to smuggle her home in your suitcase ;) she might do better just having you visit everyday. You might also need the time to decompress at night too, especially since you'll be alone.
But you have to go with your gut as a mom. Only her mom can really know what's best for her, and now that's you!

William's Family said...

It's such a tough question because I'll bet your'e really eager to spend as much time as you can with her. My guess, though, is that a gradual approach would be more comfortable for her, i.e., just visit her w/out having her at the hotel. She may think she's never going back to SLC if she stays at the hotel w/you. Unfort., that is the case this time around. It's great that she will be getting to know you before you and your family come back a second time to bring her home for good. I'd guess that her transition at that time wouldn't be as rough.

JackieMacD said...

Thanks so much for the comments and emails! My first reaction when I heard I could possibly take her to the hotel was "what? isn't that bad for her???" -- so knowing that I'm not totally off for thinking that is helpful. I will spend as much time at SLC as I can.

Thank you for your thoughts.

The family of six said...

I agree - just visit. Too traumatic to bring her back after being away.

Anonymous said...

Would it be any different than the hospital stay she just had? I would take her with you. You know you want to.

Megan said...

Jackie, What a difficult decision! Lucy is amazing and you will have fond memories forever of your first meeting.