Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Walk This Way, Lucy...

We received a developmental update today that's made us question whether we're adopting a little girl or a monkey. Apparently, Lucy "likes to climb high and scare nannies." That skill should come in handy with two big brothers!

Also, she took her first steps on January 25th and is now totally walking! So she should be running and climbing trees by the time she comes home. Those boys won't know what him 'em.

Some more stuff we heard: She sucks her thumb when she is sleepy... accepts a variety of food (what a concept around here)... and has a "strong personality."

Some of the things she is said to be eating include: Rice soup, noodle, toast, mashed fruit/veg and juice, steamed bun, steamed eggs, cake, pudding. Hopefully her first cake was of the birthday variety.

And lastly, it sounds like she was recently assessed by a specialist to check on her "preemie" development. Well, the doctor's report states: "She develops very well and is ahead of other premature infants in her age. She is smart, independent, brave, and energetic." This is courtesy of her 3-year-old brother—he sure does love to write his sister's name.


The family of six said...

Hey there - we got updates too - what fun that Lucy is walking - maybe we'll get some new pictures in a few days!! It's so hard to see all the new milestones fly by when they aren't home yet. I bet you get "the call" soon!!

Megan said...

That is so exciting, she is walking..I'm glad she is getting practice to chase her brothers once she is home. She does have a great personality! Come on first decree haven't they made you wait long enough!