Saturday, April 11, 2009

What the beebee, BeeBee!

I was just watching some videos of Lucy during her first days home. I honestly have no idea when she turned from a frightened baby into such an active and smart little girl, seven months in and she is completely communicating like she's been here forever.

We can understand most of what she wants to tell us except, she uses the word BeeBee in so many instances, we find ourselves scratching our heads.

Mama, where BeeBee go? Translation: Where did Brady go?
Mama, beeeeeebeeeeee Translation: I want my blanket.
Mama, go beebee. Translation: I have to go to the bathroom.
Mama, awww beebee. Translation: That's a cute baby.

You see where this can get confusing, right? Sometimes I get her blanket when she needs to pee -- oops -- or take her to the bathroom when she just wants to find her brother so they can cause trouble doing something like below.

Maybe she's on to something. I think I'm going to use beebee as my new stand-in for when the real word should be kept to myself.

Don't you think so, beebees?

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Ramona said...

Pretty funny. I like the comrades in action. J's buzz word is 'Kee Kee'. It means 'binky', 'Mikey', a whole scad of other things. If we don't guess the right thing soon, it's dooms day.